“Wedding is an emotion.“ Holding hands of your loved one, you enter a new chapter of life. Wedding day’s memory lasts forever, so it is meant to be exceptional in all aspects as sometimes you gonna recall this day at happy or sad or special occasions of your future.

Not everyone can afford a “Wedding planner,” so here we are to your rescue, the most amazing planning tips for wedding preparations: –


1. Setting up a “Realistic” budget: The main & the very first step before you start anything for your wedding is setting up a realistic budget. Many in the excitement make hurry & end up in spending a huge amount for a wedding dress or sometimes in the venue too. This mistake might affect the cost of other stuff like decorations, catering, drinks, videographer/photographer, etc. You don’t want to broke down or compromise at anything later like your honeymoon … right? So check with your savings to calculate your budget.

2. Making pre-planning & Checklist: Before you start investing money on anything, hold on & pen down your whole wedding. List all your specifications for things such as decorations, catering, drinks, wedding attire, wedding venue, guest list, and others. Like: what kind of dress you want – which shape or which color or what neckline and don’t forget to Consider your footwear, hair accessories, and jewelry in wedding attire budget? This process will make you less stress, more organized, you will not regret buying anything later & everything will be amazingly in budget limits.

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3. Consider wedding venue as per the guest list: If you are very tight on a budget, make sure you don’t hurry up in sending invitation cards. Take time to think with the guest list because you don’t want to miss anyone important, and also you don’t want to go over the budget with more crowd. Also, the guest list will define your requirement of wedding Venue & food such as wedding venue should have sufficient space to hold your guest list, parking space too. The number of drinks & food should be sufficient to treat your guest. Make sure you have a backup of a few extra chairs as well just in case of emergency sometimes guest bring some more guest along with them. If you are planning for an outdoor venue, do consider the climate for those days like can rain be an odd possibility?

4. Consider decoration after finalizing wedding venue: I would suggest planning decoration after you have the venue. Decide things like flowers, lightning, candles, etc. going along with venue vibes.

5. Makeup & Catering trails: Every bride dream to look princess at her wedding, so if you are planning to book makeup up artist with whom you have no previous experience make sure to read his/her work review online and try makeup trial before your special day. After the traditional ceremony everyone will be hungry and also guest had come long way taking off from their work so a delightful treat is must, make sure to must have a food tasting before you book catering. Please consider some of the dishes as per you guest taste as well.

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6. Must have Videographer: Photographers and videos are the ways to live those past most memorable loving moments over and over. To remind your vows in your hard times of marriage, to cherish the decision of spending your life together till the end in your happy moments, telling the tale of your love story to children & grandchildren: video & photographs are the glowing sparks. No matter how hard you are on budget, book a videographer and don’t regret in future.

**Brownie Tips: Sometimes, in excitement, we make quick decisions that we forget to ask or discuss with our partner. Remember, as you do have, your partner will also have some dreams about the wedding, so discuss everything before any booking.

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