With the wedding season round the corner and so much work to get done couples often do get confused about what work should be given priority first. Well, once the wedding date is decided after mutually consulting with either families and as per everyone’s convenience, the next step that depends solely on the couples is to select a venue. The destination for the wedding. If one is planning for a Hawaii wedding then one must surely look into beach wedding ideas and have a look at all the Hawaii wedding packages available. This gives one a clear-cut idea about what to expect and at what cost.

Affordable Hawaii wedding packages under $550! Yes, you read it right. It becomes quite difficult to find destination wedding packages that are budget friendly. However, many couples who are interested in a vow renewal or a remarriage just to keep things spiced up surely do not require the extravagance and the cost that comes with luxurious wedding packages. One can easily pick any affordable package and venue from the options given below and make the most of their time and money at Hawaii.

But here’s to the romantic weddings in Hawaii:

1) Magic Island Destination Hawaii Wedding


If you are on quite the budget then a Hawaii wedding venue that costs you just $250 is your best go! What one can expect at this budget is a traditional Lei exchange with your near and dear ones in presence with the ceremony convened by a Hawaii licensed non-denominational minister and a professional wedding photographer to capture the entire ceremony through the lens. You’d also get an official marriage or vow renewal certificate along with the filing of marriage license post wedding.

2) Something Aesthetic: A Unity Sand Ceremony

Plumeria Package

If you want to give your wedding the feeling of blessedness in the quiet and private ceremony then Unity Sand Ceremony is the most affordable wedding at a cost of just $350. What one can expect during the ceremony is fresh Leis and Lei exchange ceremony convened by a minister who’d provide you with personalized copies of your vows and marriage certificate along with marriage license filing. You can carry out with the ceremony in any of the beaches of your choice as per the availability.

3) Playing By The Rules: Intimate Weddings at $550

Plumeria Plus Package.jpg

How about in addition to a Lei exchange and minister convened wedding you also get to enjoy a limousine ride with champagne or cider to give you gracious company? Yes, one can enjoy the perks of a simple wedding and at the same time do something extravagant at the most affordable price. You can pick up places of your choice at Oahu or Maui etc. someplace that fits your wedding budget. You can discuss the same in depth with your wedding planner and get a detailed layout of the same.

Pre-booking and going for a wedding off-season definitely does help you in better planning of the destination weddings and also airfare and accommodation.

So what are you thinking of? You won’t find such deals easily. So just get smart and get going.

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