All set to celebrate your big day in the enchanted lands of Aloha Hawaii, yet, you are here! Getting cold feet about the location if not the wedding? Fret not! First, Hawaii is hot and hit—literally and second, we’ve got your back!

Destination Hawaii Wedding Questions Answers and More

Answering some FAQ’s about Destination Hawaii Wedding:

Q1) Which is the best island in Hawaii to get married?

A: What exactly do you want from the wedding location? Hawaii provides a plethora of avenues right from beaches and ranches to Cathedrals and Royal locations too! Specifically taking certain names Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. The locations are ‘the destination’ for making things remarkable. Hawaii has emerged as a preferred wedding location because of the versatility it provides.

Q2) How do you get legally married in Hawaii?

A: Hawaii Wedding License is accepted across the continent. One needs to be at least 18 years of age to apply for one. If below the minimum age criteria then the consent of a legal guardian is essential. Basic documents like age proof and a license fee of $65 is required. The procedure is pretty straightforward and the license is acceptable across the State.

Q3) Do you have to pay to get married on the beach?

A: Well, you have to pay a nominal fee if you are planning on having a public beach as your Hawaii wedding venue per se because a public beach is open to all and hence you need to secure suitable locations. Private beaches owned by hotels charge you as per your wedding requirements and decorations. Nothing of the sort of a “free” beach wedding per se.

Q4) What is the difference between a marriage certificate and a marriage license?

A: A marriage license gives you the permission per se to get married while the marriage certificate is the legal document certifying that the couple is married. On the wedding day the couple sign on the Hawaii wedding license in front of the audience and the registrar, after which the same is submitted to the controlling authority and a certificate is issued.

Q5) How to plan a wedding in Hawaii?

A: You can seal the deal with a Hawaiian wedding planner of sorts or go all personalized for your big day. Working out with wedding planners gives you the advantage of using the Hawaii wedding packages that comes with every type of personalization and customization one can think of. At the same time, if you have the time and the people to help you get through a Hawaii wedding ceremony then there’s nothing like it! It’s go big and boom! (You go home only once the nuptials are done!)

Also, when planning for a destination wedding try to imbibe the destination’s cultural element in your wedding to capture the essence of the place too. And bam, you have all your questions answered. Matrimony is a big commitment and so is arranging a day memorable for all. Give in your best efforts to make it worth it!

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